Current Members

PhD Students

Sunju Lee

Whimin Kim

Valeriya Khan

Mohammad Usama

Soham Shanbhag

JaeHyeon Park

Yong Jin Byeon

Sangun Park

Hyeong-Geun Yu

Master's Students

Min Kyu Park

Fanchen Bu

Adil Aloufi

Chang Sik Lee

Tianqi Wang

Xiaowei Xing

Past Members

Past Post-docs

Karmvir S. Phogat (August 2018 -- July 2019. Currently, post-doc at the University of Tokyo)

Fernando Jimenez Alburquerque (Researcher at Oxford University)

Past Graduate Students

Jae Sung Kim (PhD, KAIST; thesis title: Time-Optimal Cornering Trajectory Planning for Differential- Wheeled Mobile Robots Avoiding Lateral Slip). Currently at TWINNY.

Si Jong Kim (PhD, KAIST; thesis title: Online Multi-Object Tracking Using Deep Neural Network ). Currently at TWINNY.

Jae Hoon Lee (PhD, KAIST; thesis title: Precoder Design for Sensing-Based Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks). Currently at TWINNY.

Wonshick Ko (Master, KAIST; thesis title: Stable Embedding Technique for Control of Satellite Attitude Represented in Unit Quaternions).

Mohammad Usama(Master, KAIST; thesis title: Towards Robust Neural Networks and Efficient Exploration in Reinforcement Learning). PhD student at KAIST.

Taehwan Kwon (Master, KAIST; thesis: Prioritized Stochastic Memory Management for Enhanced Reinforcement Learning) Engineer at NCSoft.

Anthony Caterini (Master 2017,University of Waterloo; thesis: A Novel Mathematical Framework for the Analysis Neural Networks); PhD Student at the University of Oxford

Shaun Sawyer (Master 2015, University of Waterloo; thesis: Gain-scheduled control of a quadcopter UAV)

Krishan Rajaratnam (Master, 2014, University of Waterloo; co-supservisioin with Ray McLenaghan; thesis: Orthogonal separation of variables of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation on spaces of constant curvature)

Zhao Jin (Master, 2012, University of Waterloo; thesis: Application of repetitive control to the lateral motion in a roll-to-roll web system)

Waiman Ng (Ph.D, 2011, University of Waterloo;co-supervision with George Labah; thesis: Energy shaping for systems with two degrees of underactuation)

Joshua Fletcher (Master, 2010, University of Waterloo; thesis: Motion planning and observer synthesis for a two-span web roller machine)

Past Undergraduate Students

Jong Seo Kim (Co-Op training for TWINNY, Summer 2019)

Yong Jun Cho (Undergraduate Individual Study, Winter 2018,Summer 2019)

Seunghee Han (Undergraduate Individual Study, Summer 2018, Winter 2018, Summer 2019)

Dohyeok Lee (URP, Winter 2018, Spring 2019)

Jiayao Jia (Undergraduate Individual Study, Winter 2018)

Jedsadakorn Yonchorhor (Undergraduate Individual Study, Winter 2018)

Whimin Kim (Undergraduate Individual Study, Winter 2017; BS Thesis Research, Spring 2019; Individual Study, Summer 2018)

WonSeok Oh (Undergraduate Individual Study, Winter 2017, Summer 2018)

Changrui Liu (visiting Undergraduate Student, July 2018. Harbin Institute of Technology)

Jun Chul Shin (Undergraduate Individual Study, Winter 2017, Summer 2018)

Chang Min Yoon (Undergraduate Individual Study, Summer 2018)

Minwoo Kim (Undergraduate Individual Study, Winter 2017)

Yeskendir Koishekenov (B.S. Thesis Research, Fall 2017, Undergraduate Individual Study, Summer 2017, KAIST)

Jae Young Park (B.S. Thesis Research, KAIST, Fall 2017)

Sangwoo Ryu (Individual Study, Fall 2017, KAIST)

Junghyung Ahn (Individual Study, Fall 2017, KAIST)

Seok Jun Park (Undergraduate Individual Study, KAIST, Summer 2017)

Junhan Lee (Undergraduate Individual Study, KAIST, Summer 2017)

So Hyeong Kim (B.S. Thesis Research, KAIST, Spring 2017) Graduate student at EPFL.